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How Technology is Helping Improve Communication

For this white paper, we looked at how modern digital technology is helping to improve social housing provider communications with their residents - as well as how this technology could develop in the future to allow personalised communication at scale.


The Homes Act: Everything You Need To Know

For this white paper, we have focused on what the Homes Act (2018) is, what its purpose is and what effect it will have on social housing providers. We dive deep into the legislation, as well as what can be done to mitigate any potential risks created by the legislation.


Reducing Disrepair Claims in a Post Fitness for Human Habitation World

For this white paper, we have focused on the climate of disrepair following the implementation of the Homes Act (2018). We examine the changes that have been made, the impact this will have on the number of disrepair claims and what can be done to mitigate against the increase.


Decarbonising the UK’s Housing Stock

For this white paper, we focused on what needs to be done to decarbonise the UK's social housing stock. We look at the technology that is currently being deployed in housing providers to help, as well as the legislative atmosphere into which these changes are being made.


The Dangers of Fuel Poverty

In this white paper, we focus on the physical, psychological and monetary dangers that fuel poverty poses to social housing residents. We address the route causes, as well as how to identify and combat fuel poverty in the UK's four million social homes.


How technology is helping reduce and contain condensation and mould outbreaks

For this white paper, we focused on the technology being deployed to reduce and contain condensation, damp and mould outbreaks. This ranges from the large to the small, the expensive to the cheap. We also cover what current social housing providers are doing to combat mould in their properties.

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