Better Lives With
Intelligent Homes

Switchee makes maintaining your properties simple and straight forward with remote tools that allow you to check a property’s condition, analyse problems and schedule fixes all in one place.

Trusted By Housing Providers

Switchee is working with over 70 housing providers across the UK and abroad to improve the quality of service they give to their residents, whilst saving them money on maintenance, communication, gas safety and a whole lot more.


Proactive Maintenance

Use Real-Time Insights To Better Manage Your Portfolio

With access to Switchee's real-time analytics and insight platform, you are able to manage and maintain your properties more effectively, for less money.


Communicate with Your Residents

Engage with Residents More Effectively With Digital Tools

Utilise Switchee's best in class communication technology to engage directly with your residents remotely.

Our Customers

Tried and Tested By The Social Housing Sector

With more than 70 clients across the UK and abroad, our technology is tried and tested with affordable housing providers.

"Knowing that Flagship sees a net return of £2 for every £1 we invest in Switchee, and at the same time also putting another £2 into our residents’ pockets, confirms the value proposition."

Matt Brazier Director of IT and Services, Flagship Group

“We’ve also shown, with real data, that the main issue with CDM in one property was under-heating. We have improved the living conditions for the resident and reduced our maintenance costs associated with CDM.”

Emma Riccardo Project Liason Officer, Nottingham City Homes

"Engaging with our tenants is very important to us and the Switchee messaging service gives us a new, exciting way of offering information and support to help residents to afford to heat their homes."

Helen Langley Senior Support Officer, Dudley Council

“Switchee enabled Peabody at our Thamesmead Estate to identify and target properties requiring maintenance, leading to 40 interventions and saving Peabody £1000s in long-term remedial costs.”

Nic Wedlake Group Sustainability Manager, Peabody

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